Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table

Inspired by the slices of live edge black walnut at the mill.  The design - slightly in the style of Sam Maloof.  Keeping the live edges and edge gluing the boards using cherry bowties to define the place settings - the top was then hand planed and scrubbed flat.  The end trim edges are riding on floating tenons to allow for the board getting wider and narrower with humidity changes through the seasons.  The pegged together trestle was made out of 16/4 black walnut posts which I had to "interview" for with the mill owner to be sure they were not going to waste!  The table top has cams that rides on grooves in the trestle stretchers to allow for humidity changes.

StockEdge Glued and scrubbing flat



Trestle roughed on the bench
Only screws on the project to hold the stretchers



Peggs to hold trestle together


Black Walnut
Cherry (for the bowties)
Sutherland Wells Murdoch's Polymerized Tung Oil Sealer