A Flying Lesson

Setting up the Radios

My partner has been very supportive of this undertaking. I talk to my instructor and he agrees she can come on a lesson in the back seat to see what it is all about. Realistically we will not be performing all our normal maneuvers as it can get a bit rough in back. It won’t be a wasted lesson because all time in the air is good. But I should understand that he won’t introduce anything new and we will keep it simple. That’s fine with me.  We take N503SP the more powerful plane for the extra weight.  Funnily enough - though I don't know it yet - this will be the plane I take my checkride in.

Funnily enough my partner is a little less keen on my idea! But she is game and comes along. I’m six lessons in and just begining to handle the radios – she catches a picture of me setting up. Afterwards she smiles and says I was welcome to keep flying – she however will wait till I get my license and can fly in the front seat before repeating the experience!