Historic Flying

My interest in WWII Aviation

Books on Shelf

As soon as I learned to read I was fascinated by my father's heavy volumes of "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers" which he had bought as a young man during WWII.  They were easy reading for a new reader.  Lots of pictures, captions and engineering drawings of aircraft.  Denser text as my reading skills developed.  Indeed by the age of 8 or so - I understood how to read a 3-view drawing from looking at and figuring out what was going on.  A couple of other slim volumes about the WWII bomber offensive - which I now recognise as bearing only a fleeting relation to reality having been heavily redacted as they were written during the war.  My interest was fired and a lifetime of reading, model making, radio control flying and ultimately actually flying ensued.  My father's books are still on my bookshelf.