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Miles for Megan

Computer Output EDIT - Thanks to all who supported this ride!  I was able to raise $4,171.41 of my $4,000 target as well as $450 of "in kind" items for the silent auction.  I won a sweatshirt for best individual fundraiser.  Thanks to all who supported me.  

The weather on the day was atrocious - bit like riding in Scotland really!  Most charity rides that weekend got cancelled.  Our organizers kept the event on and indicated that if anyone managed the 25 mile loop - they would consider it "a win".  Myself and four others managed to do the metric century anyway (big 62 mile loop) in a lot of wind with cold wet rain.

Bike rigged for rainMegans Mum



Original appeal:

My father died of cancer when I was a kid and I remember the number of charities that supported our family at the time.

As a kid and youth in the 1970-80's I road biked in Scotland - because that is how you got places.
In 2013-14 I road biked to get fit for an event.
And in May 2023 I started again because I'm trying to stay in shape in my old age.

Megan was a local Rhode Island kid who had cancer and didn't make it - but her parents run a roadbike/walk fundraiser to raise funds for the charities that helped them. So it strikes a chord with me. A friend challenged me to take part in the 15th anniversary event which is on Sat 23rd September 2023 over in Tiverton/Little Compton. And the challenge was for the 100km (62 mile) route. So I've been training and I'm now comfortably hitting 50 miles and with 6 weeks to go am on target to be able to do the 62 mile ride.

So I'm hoping you might help me out with some fundraising. You donate directly on my fundraising page:



I put the routes on Strava as publicly downloadable files for your bike computer

12.5 Mile:

25 Mile:

62.5 Mile:

Thanks for listening.