30 young people got a flight at EAA Chapter 196’s Columbus Weekend Young Eagles event today.

3 got to come in Cessna 150 N6141G! All were completely into it – applied their math schooling to the problem of fuel endurance after we sticked the tanks (to the delight of parents and grandparents). Helped with the rest of pre-flight – including fuel sampling and then after a cabin safety brief – we were on the way!

The very first things we do is stress the fundamental “positive handover of controls” – “Your controls – My controls – You have the controls”, with visual confirmation that the other really is holding the controls. We practice this a few times, then a gentle demonstration of turning left and right (like leaning a bike) and a little bit of up and down. Then – “Your controls…..” and the young person gets to keep the controls for a bit. In these pictures they really are flying the plane. They HAVE the controls. They are like sponges – absorb it all – take it absolutely seriously and within a few minutes are flying the plane without prompting.

William snuck back for a second YE flight – Hey William – were you not out with me last month?

All that simulator time is telling – he is flying standard rate coordinated turns without really thinking about it. Get it locked in, look out the window, fly it.

Abbey hates math but was able to work out the fuel endurance after we sticked the tanks – she is 8

When we closed the door on her Dad – Grace announced “Everyone says I am a Klutz”. With very little
encouragement she proved everyone wrong – flying turns and maintaining altitude to PTS.

Grace flew me over Maynard and pointed out the high, middle and elementary schools. She told me
the brown mud pile will be the new high school.

Abby helps chock 41G at the end of the flight.

Then Alex and I flew over to KFIT – Fitchburg for lunch. Then Alex took off from Fitchburg and flew us home to Newport.

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