Dawn lesson – A cross country trip (meaning more than 50 miles) from Providence to Chester in Connecticut. Principal part of the lesson – pilotage – meaning looking outside to see where you are compared to the chart. 10 min pilotage prep and go. Scored practical test standards first trip out. Not exactly hard when you can look down on everything from 4,500 ft compared to trying it from sea level in a boat!

Chester is totally cute. Like back in time to the 1950’s with lots of old but beautifully kept airplanes under the open sided hanger. Spot the white picket fence at the far left end!

Runway needed short field landing technique and short field take off to get back out. 34 mins to get there and 15 mins to get back by staying low in the small headwind on the trip out and going high for the strong tailwind on the way back.

Blew my first landing at Providence and went around. Greased the second one! Back in the groove for landings – I hope!

Saturday briefing – pick a suitable airport for the conditions that you would like to fly to for breakfast!

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