Went to fly another solo at North Central but when we got there it was pretty aggressively gusty. We have kind of reached the end of the Stage II syllabus except for solo cross countries so when that happens I ask for some more “good stick and rudder stuff – I want to FLY the plane – not just pass the test”. Got it in spades today.

Started flying approaches and stunningly steep 2,000ft per min side slip descents for getting into really tight spaces. Like start at the end of the runway you are going to land at but at 1000ft AGL and get down without going anywhere horizontally. Once I started to get some together we flew some taildragger steep curved approaches. “Spitfire and Mustang” approaches in a Cessna! It was a complete blast – made all the easier by the fact that after 20 mins all the other school planes decided it was too turbulent for beginner learning and all went in to ground school. We had the place to ourselves!

Did I mention I like my instructor? He pushes you to FLY the plane.

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