Dreadful weather Sunday. A 90 knot wind shear over the airport on Sunday had SouthWest divert all flights elsewhere. I took a friend to the airport this morning to get back to San Francisco but didn’t really think I would get my lesson in – but no – there was a quiet spot over the airport. In a double block lesson today – 14 landings.

First block we did 4 but then had the flaps not fully retract on the climb out. They did when we cycled them but we went down to talk to the mechanic. Of course we couldn’t find anything wrong. Perhaps a little frozen moisture in the grease on the tracks. So after another preflight – up we went again.

We carved around the sky over Providence with thick murk all around but not in our little bubble over the airfield. Crosswind landings, into wind landings, short field landings, extended downwinds and go arounds when a Lear jet came whistling in too fast behind us. I had one “bounce” which needed a go-around but otherwise at the end I was told – “you are now doing ‘safe’ landings”. Meaning they are nothing to write home about but I won’t break the plane! Hey I did an 11 knot full on cross wind landing – the airplane is only rated up to 14. I was quite pleased with that one!

Last climb out the instructor was so off the controls – I thought he had messed with my trim when I wasn’t looking to see what I would do when the plane pitched wrongly. I re-trimmed quite significantly and told him to stop messing with me but no he hadn’t – the flaps didn’t retract properly again. We cycled them and they went up fine. Down we came and back to the mechanic. We finally traced it to the switch that drives the motor – not to the actual flaps themselves.

Still – I am now making “safe” landings….. It has only taken about 50………..

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